Discount Drugs of Canada

Terms and conditions of use

 In consideration of Discount Drugs of Canada acting as my agent and arranging to have my prescriptions filled by a duly licensed pharmacy in Canada and other countries, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by me, I hereby recognize that Discount Drugs of Canada is NOT A PHARMACY and I understand that Discount Drugs Of Canada™s sole function is to: TRANSMIT AND FORWARD INFORMATION. Further, I also agree that: Regarding my Medication(s):

Rule 1

I will be the only person using my medication(s) and I will use them as prescribed.

Rule 2

I understand that my medication(s) cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Rule 3

I understand that Discount Drugs of Canada™s designated pharmacies may substitute a generic drug for a brand name prescription drug, where available, in accordance with the Manitoba and other Provinces Drug Standards and Therapeutic Formulary, unless the physician has indicated there be no such substitution or if I do not want a generic substitute.

Rule 4

Medication(s) to be delivered to me were prescribed by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the country, state, or other applicable jurisdiction in which I reside.

Rule 5

The prescriptions for the medication(s) to be delivered to me were lawfully obtained from my physician.

Rule 6

The medication(s) to be delivered to me will be used only as directed and only by me.